Calculus or Bust

Academic Objectives

     Sure, over the years clients have contacted Arithmetic Solutions because their child was struggling in a math class if not out-right failing.  It is rare that we are approached by a parent whose son or daughter is doing well in a math class and would like us to set a lofty goal for the student to achieve.  Although we have no problem effectively resolving the first scenario, we’d much rather address the latter. 

     After reviewing years of collected data on students who have entered our program over the last 13 years, we have noticed that those who enrolled in and completed Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus by the end of their 12 grade year were more commonly accepted to the Colleges of their choice.  As a result, we have adopted a Calculus or Bust culture here at Arithmetic Solutions; meaning that any student who is a long term member would be placed on our 12th grade Calculus track.  Of course, the earlier they become a part of Arithmetic Solutions’ Math Community the easier the journey to Calculus.


Are Academic "Standards" Enough?

standard /ˈstandərd/ –  adjective  1. used or accepted as normal or average.

     It must be understood that colleges protect their reputations by selecting the better academic performers from high school graduation pools throughout the country.  If your student completes what is expected of them as mandated by State and/or National uniform standards, even with an “A”, they will be considered average.  Common sense would then lead you to conclude that having your child complete high school as an above average student would better their college opportunities.  It is this mindset that makes Advance Placement courses the overall goal for all our students.  Believe us, it is far easier than you think!

Advanced Placement as Normal

     Uniform “Standards” are a baseline detailing the minimum knowledge required to graduate from one grade to the next.  Arithmetic Solutions’ students do not aspire to be average.  Once we have confirmed that an Arithmetic Solutions member has developed FULL understanding of his or her classroom curriculum, we then begin to introduce more advanced math concepts in order to accelerate growth in that area.  While doing this, we continue to parallel classroom instruction and in-class test preparation so that the student doesn’t fall off pace.  Our intent is to aggressively move students to Advanced Placement math on his or her current grade level.  Once a part of an AP program in the school system, reaching AP Calculus by the student’s senior year of high school becomes more attainable.