Online Tutoring

What is Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring is an innovative, intuitive and new form of teaching.  Our cutting-edge technology allows us to stream LIVE audio and video directly into your home.  Our tutors instruct the student using audio, video and an interactive white-board element that is used to solve fundamental as well as complex math problems.  Online tutoring is as seamless as in-home tutoring with the added perk of having the ability to view any past session since all are recorded and saved to our servers for as long as you are a member.


We Can Help Anywhere

Whether you’re on summer vacation in the Bahamas or home in Alaska, you can access our quality tutoring services via our NEW internet-based tutoring platform. Technological advances now eliminate any borders to access that may have existed in the past.  Arithmetic Solutions can now provide the same quality mathematics tutoring for which we are known in the city of Los Angeles to individuals around the world. You’re Welcome!

Personalized Schedule

Jump into online sessions in the comfort of your own home or anywhere a PC or laptop with an internet connection can be accessed.  We believe in making the tutoring experience as easy and convenient as possible and tutoring schedules will be developed around your availability.  Merely coordinate with your assigned tutor and you will find that your tutoring experience can be shaped to your liking.

Save Time, Save Money

Our online tutoring platform successfully eliminates the hassle of having to transport your child to a learning center which is the case with many of our competitors.  You can stay comfortably at home, saving yourself valuable travel-time and money by logging into a tutoring session from the comforts of your own home.  Our online one-on-one tutoring method is easily the most effective, convenient and affordable tutoring option available today.

Focused Interactive Instruction

We focus on the specific needs of the student.  Using our initial online math assessment together with any coursework the student may have, we can build a focused Individual Learning Plan based on the student’s needs.  Also, our instructors routinely converse with parents to inform them of how their child is performing and how much growth can be measured.


Intuitive Learning Environment

Our interactive whiteboard element comes fully equipped with an assortment of tools that makes learning math easy.  Our instructors can easily create geometric figures, graphs, mathematical symbols and a host of other teaching elements that allow for highly effective tutoring sessions. Students can utilize the whiteboard as well, allowing for a seamless online learning experience.

Needed Specs

In order to access our Online Tutoring Platform your computer or laptop will need to have the following Specifications:

  • Flash Player 10.3 or Later
  • Any of the Browsers; Internet Explorer, Chrome (version 28.0.1500.72 or above), Safari, Firefox or Opera
  • Either of the Operating Systems; Mac OS X, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android or Linux
  • Port 1935 RTMP or Port 80 should be open
  • Lastly, you will need Java Version 1.5 or later for screen sharing

Certain internet speeds are required based on one-on-one scenarios in our virtual classroom.

  • Audio Session Only                                     44 kbps   to    256 kbps
  • Audio session & Other Features*          300 kbps    to    512 kbps
  • Video Session Only                                   106 kbps    to    512 kbps
  • Video Session & Other Features*          356 kbps    to       1 Mbps

*Other Features include screen sharing, watching YouTube or other videos, sharing content etc.