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     Just like our Small Group Memberships, affordable monthly payments will guarantee quality ongoing Mathematics support for students who need math instruction throughout the school year or year round.  You have the option of choosing from 2 – 60 minute sessions, 4 – 60 minute sessions, 6 – 60 minute sessions or 8 – 60 minute sessions of online mathematics tutoring per month.   Clients can elect to pay for services over the course of a calendar year or a 9-month school year (or fraction thereof) for a fixed recurring monthly rate until the term is complete.  All of your tutoring videos will be saved to our server and made available for later viewing.  In an effort to facilitate immediate growth in the classroom, clients are encouraged to e-mail homework assignments to their assigned tutor in a PDF, JPeg or Word format a minimum of 2-hours prior to the scheduled session and the tutor will integrate specific problems into the LIVE online session.

How Your Membership Works

     Annual Members will pay a fixed fee for tutoring services that will be divided into 12 equal monthly payments.  Your annual term begins on the date & time of purchase and continues until, roughly, the same day & time of the following year.  Your annual membership will automatically renew until you choose to manually cancel.  Annual Members who purchase our One-On-One Membership are automatically eligible to attend our Periodic Workshops & Summer Bridge Program for free.     

     School Term Members also pay a fixed fee for tutoring services, but the installments are divided into 9 equal monthly payments beginning at the start of September of each year ending at the latter part of May of the following year.  Should you begin your School Term at any point in the school year after September, your fixed monthly fee will be charged for each subsequent month until the May payment is processed; on May 31st your membership will automatically terminate.  School Term Members who purchase our One-On-One Membership are eligible to pay half-price for our Periodic Workshops but will have to pay full price for the Summer Bridge Program.  Should you decide to cancel your School Term Membership before the end of the school year, no refunds will be issued for sessions not attended during the month in which the cancellation takes place.  Therefore, it is suggested that you initiate any cancellation at the end of the month and attend ALL the sessions for that month.

Make-Up Sessions

In an effort to garner the best results, sessions are scheduled on the same day and time of each week.  All of our tutors maintain complex and busy schedules with multiple clients so it is very important that students attend sessions consistently and login on time.  As a client who purchases a One-On-One Membership, you are entitled to a maximum of 2 (two) make-up sessions per month.  If you need to reschedule a session you must contact your tutor, at least, 3 hours prior to your scheduled weekly session to discuss the date and time the make-up session will take place.

Additional information

Membership Type

Annual, School Year

Sessions per Month

2 Sessions, 4 Sessions, 6 Sessions, 8 Sessions

Grade Level

Grades 3rd – 5th, Grades 6th – 8th, Grades 9th – 12th, Grades K – 2nd


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