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Our Story

Arithmetic Solutions was established in 2005 as a Mathematics Only “in-home” tutoring company.  We began servicing students locally in the Los Angeles area and helped to turn math grades around for more than 800 students in just our first 24-months of business. Over the years our administrators noticed that an overwhelming number of students we tutored struggled with math due to two main reasons.  The first being “fear“, due to the fact that most of the people around them speak of how difficult math is and the second being a “weak” grasp of the math fundamentals.  The reality of these two facts became the genesis of Arithmetic Solutions’ Dual Objective approach to the tutoring process and the cornerstone of our business model to this day.  Our particular attention to restructuring a student’s basic math fundamentals while at the same time addressing any issues he or she may be having in the classroom has been our formula for success.

In the Spring of 2006 Arithmetic Solutions became an approved Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Provider with the California Department of Education (CDE) and subsequently began providing quality Mathematics Tutoring Services for various School Districts, Charter Schools and Private Clients in all subjects of math from the Fundamentals to Differential Calculus.  As a result of our Dual Objective approach to the mathematics tutoring process, 92% of the students who have received our services showed marked improvement after the tutoring process was completed. Although we have experienced sustained success over the course of the last 12-years, Arithmetic Solutions still works to improve upon its quality by using innovative technology to enhance your tutoring experience.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to erase the stigma attributed to math and show individuals that it is not as difficult as many tend to believe.  We actually make math easy by delivering it to our clients in a way that is devoid of the technical terms that serve to confuse individuals when they’re already struggling with the subject matter.  Our efforts not only help the student with the task at hand, but we also help them to develop a deeper understanding of mathematics on the fundamental level which in turn helps them with higher mathematics as they move forward.


Two-Pronged Approach

Through many years of trial & error, Arithmetic Solutions has developed a tutoring process that is extremely effective and highly sought after.  By implementing a strategy that shores up a student’s Mathematics foundation while at the same time paralleling what is being covered in the classroom, our clients walk away very pleased with our effectiveness.  Arithmetic Solutions’ administrators felt that the “one-size-fits-all” approach to tutoring, that is implemented by many tutoring companies, is a very flawed plan of action; although it can garner marginal results, clients will spend much more money than is needed to reach desired goals.  A more streamlined focused approach at a price that more people could afford began to take shape.  Now Arithmetic Solutions’ Dual Objective tutoring procedure is the desired tutoring model throughout Central & Southern California.

Step-By-Step Problem Solving

Whether online or in-person our tutors are skilled in solving every problem in a step-by-step fashion making sure that no steps are omitted no matter how simple the problem may appear.  Administrators at Arithmetic Solutions are aware of how important study is and as a result we require extensive knowledge from our tutors in their particular area of expertise. Our belief is that the more in depth an instructor’s understanding of a specific math subject, the better he or she is able to explain the related concepts effectively.  Early on it was determined that our tutors must leave each student with extensive notes at the end of all sessions covering foundational concepts as well as current in-class material. Our approach has garnered a great deal of respect in the communities we serve as well as success for our clients for more than 11 years..

Affordable Mathematics Support Services for Everyone

   No more empty wallets!  Growing up in a city and an environment in which the vast majority of families struggled financially, our Founder did not have access to needed supplemental academic support to help in areas that he experienced difficulty.  The cost of tutoring was something that just could not be added to the household budget. Years later when he began the process of establishing his own tutoring company, it was clear that many of the mainstream companies were still extremely expensive and unaffordable for average families.  Not only was tutoring cost prohibitive, but there was no type of variety that would cater to families without cars; many of the in-home tutoring companies would not service “particular” areas and others actually made “financing” available for their high cost for services.  One-on-one tutoring, for many companies, is not even an option.  Taking all these realities into consideration we decided to create a company whose business model would be structured around variety, convenience, quality and affordability.  Our administrators want to make sure that you do not have to sacrifice quality for affordability, and also maintain this same quality across all of our Modes of Delivery.  Our Founder has created a tutoring option that can fit most lifestyles, pocketbooks and schedules effectively eliminating many of the barriers to quality tutoring that hindered him as a youth. 


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