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Simply double left-click the “Become A Member” tab at the top of any page on our website and complete the Registration Form.  Once the form is completed select the “Services” button just below the form.  This action will take you to our Products page where you will select the membership that interests you.  Once you’ve made your selection proceed to the PayPal “Checkout” page.  After your recurring payment structure has been arranged and your first installment has been paid, you will have already created your Platform Profile and become a member.

No.  You can purchase any of our multi-session packages without becoming a member.  Should you like to pay for sessions on a monthly basis, you must become a member.

Per hour session rates are cheaper for Arithmetic Solutions members.  As a member your child can attend our Annual Summer Bridge Program for free and participate in our occasional Workshops for half price.

It depends upon the number of monthly sessions provided in the Membership you select.  All Membership rates are clearly detailed under the Memberships section of our “Services” page

No.  Once your membership is canceled, your Account is suspended for 30-days.  During the 30-day timeframe you will not have access to your session recordings, but they will be maintained on our servers should you decide to re-activate your account.  After the 30-day grace period your Profile will be permanently deleted along with ALL associated session recordings.

Services are provided Online Only, nationwide

Yes, we do provide live make-up sessions for individuals who purchase either our Session Packages or our One-On-One Memberships because both designations are one-on-one in nature.

Unfortunately we do not offer live make-up sessions for individuals purchasing our Small Group Memberships because the session must be conducted for the other students who are scheduled to attend the class.  It is suggested that Small Group members watch the video of the missed tutoring session.  Our tutors have been instructed to conduct Small Group Membership sessions whether students are in attendance or not.

Yes we do, but not on the eve of the Holiday, or the day of the Holiday.  We use Holiday Breaks to review important concepts & fundamentals that would serve to help academic growth going forward.  If you are maintaining an Annual Membershipand your child is currently in the session alone, you may opt to arrange a make-up session with your assigned tutor at a time that is convenient for both parties.

No.  If you are purchasing a package of 10 sessions or more, you can break the total cost into 4 equal payments to be paid over four months.  Since our Session Packages are one-on-one in nature, we do provide make-up sessions.  The scheduling of make-up sessions must be coordinated with your assigned tutor

We put forth our best efforts to work around your schedule.  Traditionally we are available to provide services 7-days a week.  Hours vary depending on time zone and your location in the world.  In most cases, the student will be added to a session that fits them with respect to grade level & mathematical understanding.  Once you begin your tutoring sessions, you will be expected to attend the same session each week.

At minimum, an Arithmetic Solutions tutor must have completed at least two years of college receiving a “B” or better in College Algebra. Much of our tutoring personnel consist of college students, school teachers, engineers, college professors, etc

Yes, we conduct criminal background checks for all of our tutors through both the Department of Justice (D.O.J.) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.).  If both reports are not “clean”, the individual cannot contract with Arithmetic Solutions as a mathematics tutor.

It is in the area that we separate ourselves from your traditional “Center-Based” tutoring companies.  We do not apply a cookie cutter approach to our tutoring services, we allow our clients to guide their own tutoring sessions.

Parents/Students are encouraged to use their smartphone technology to take snapshots of their specific classwork, homework or test materials and forward them to their assigned tutor at least 2-hours prior to their scheduled tutoring session

Yes, we offer test prep for the math portions of the SAT, ACT and the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE).  Most of our exam prep takes place in Workshop settings with multiple students in attendance although, for an added cost, you can purchase private one-on-one exam preparation.

In order to maintain a high level of quality tutoring, not more than 4 students will attend a scheduled online session.

Although session rates vary depending upon whether you elect to move forward as a Member or if you’d rather purchase one of our session packages, you will find that with either decision, our rates are consistently lower than the vast majority of our industry competitors.

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