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  • You are buying a shirt for $22.90, pants for $33.88, and a pair of shoes for $49.99. If you have coupons for $5.00 off the shirt, $7.00 off the pants, and $9.00 of the shoes, how much would you owe?

  • Demetri rearranged an expression to make it easier to solve. He changed 2 + (3 + 5) to (2 + 3) + 5. Which of the following properties tells us that it is okay for Demetri to arrange the problem that way?

  • Lines m and k are parallel, with angle 7 measuring 100 degrees. Find the measure of angle 3 in degrees.

  • If angle 2 is a right angle and line m is parallel to line k, then which statement is correct?

  • The measure of angle 1 is equal to the measure of angle 7.

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